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 After dedicating his life to human rights work in Egypt and representing people whose rights have been taken away, Mohamed Baker has now found himself locked up. Take action now and demand his immediate release.  

Mohamed Baker is a brave human rights lawyer who defends people whose human rights were violated. In September 2019, he went to the Supreme State Security Prosecution’s (SSSP) office to defend his friend – prominent activist unjustly arrested, Alaa Abdel Fattah. But in a cruel twist of fate, he was arrested by the authorities.  

Baker has spent over two years in detention without being charged or put on trial. The authorities have referred him to trial by an emergency court on “false news” charges, but it is clear that he is being punished because of his human rights work. He is a human rights lawyer and director of Adalah Center for Rights and Freedom focusing on abuses in the criminal justice system, the right to education and students' rights. 

Baker is being held in a maximum-security prison in cruel and inhuman conditions, denied access to adequate healthcare and deprived of a bed or mattress, hot water, outdoor exercise and even family photos.    His detention comes amid an ongoing crackdown on human rights defenders in Egypt. The authorities are seeking to severely constrain independent human rights work through the imposition of draconian legislation, and the persecution of independent human rights workers.
Despite everything he has gone through, Baker is hopeful. “One day… we will continue our work [to establish] free societies,” he says. Baker has risked everything to protect the human rights of others, now he needs our help. With enough support we can get him released.

Call on the Egyptian authorities to:

- Release Mohamed Baker immediately and unconditionally.

- Close all investigations into the bogus accusations made against him.

Urge Egypt to release Mohamed Baker now!

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