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in Afghanistan 


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The Taliban has started a new era of human rights abuse and violations since taking over on 15 August 2021 in Afghanistan. Almost two years later, the country is at the brink of irreversible ruin.

Not only the Taliban de-facto authorities have broken their promise of protecting Afghan people’s rights, especially women’s rights, they have resumed the cycle of violence and committed a litany of human rights abuses and violations with full impunity. In one year, they have systematically dismantled key institutions for human rights protection, clamped down on freedom of expression, association, fair trial, and other rights. The fundamental rights of women and girls have been stripped. Thousands of Afghans have been arbitrarily detained, tortured, disappeared, and even killed. Journalists, activists, human rights defenders, artists, academics, religious and ethnic minorities remain at particular risk.

Human rights are under attack on all fronts. It must be stopped.

As people of Afghanistan continue to brave the storm, stand with them and speak out for their right to live in freedom, dignity and equality.

Call on the Taliban de-facto authorities to respect and guarantee protection of human rights in Afghanistan. 

Each signature will show the Afghan people that we stand in solidarity, and that we will continue to demand the international community do more to hold the Taliban accountable for these human rights abuses.

Sign our petition calling on the Taliban to: 

  • Immediately end gross human rights violations taking place in Afghanistan, including reprisal killings and attacks on ethnic and religious minorities, women and girls, LGBTI people, human rights defenders, civil society members, judges, lawyers, former government officials, journalists, and others
  • Grant women and girls their full spectrum of rights including access to education for girls of all ages by immediately re-opening all schools and universities, ensuring access to healthcare, and allowing women to return to work.
  • Guarantee Afghans’ rights to freedom of expression and freedom of association. Abductions, arbitrary detentions, and beatings of journalists, peaceful protesters, including women protesters, must end.
  • Establish effective and transparent investigation and accountability mechanisms that delivers justice for human rights violations and war crimes including but not limited to enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrest, unlawful detention, extra judicial killings, through fair trials without recourse to the death penalty.



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