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Honduran authorities must stop violating the rights of Edwin Espinal and others jailed during a crackdown on social protest.

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Call on Honduras to guarantee due process, impartial justice and the right to peaceful protest

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Long-time social activist Edwin Espinal has paid a heavy price for courageously raising his voice for rights and justice in Honduras. He was arrested in January 2018 during a brutal crackdown by state security forces on protests by thousands of people denouncing the government for election rigging. 

Edwin was denied bail and sent to a military-run, high security jail for dangerous criminals. During the more than 19 months that he was imprisoned without trial or due process, amid death threats and without adequate food or drinking water, Edwin’s family feared for his life. 

After an outcry by Amnesty International and other human rights organizations, Edwin was freed on bail.

But he now faces the dangerous prospect of being thrown back in jail if the violations of due process he has suffered to date continue at his upcoming trial. Far too often in Honduras, the justice system has been corrupted to lock up critics of the powerful and suppress dissent.

Please raise your voice for the rights of Edwin Espinal and others facing injustice aimed at silencing social protest in Honduras.



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