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Honduran authorities must guarantee the rights of Edwin Espinal and others targeted during post-election protests

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Call on Honduras to release Edwin pending fair trial and guarantee impartial justice to everyone arrested during election protests


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Help protect Edwin and all those at risk

Long-time social activist Edwin Espinal has paid a heavy price for courageously raising his voice for rights and justice in Honduras. He was arrested in January 2018 during a brutal crackdown on protests denouncing the government for election rigging. 

Scores of people were killed or injured by state security forces. Others were detained on trumped up charges. Edwin is one of them. He remains in a military-run jail, imprisoned without trial or due process. 

Edwin faces not only violations of his right to defend himself but also dire prison conditions that put his health and safety at risk. He is allowed only extremely limited communication with his family, including his Canadian wife Karen Spring, a human rights activist based in Honduras. 

Please raise your voice for Edwin and others suffering grave violations of their human rights to silence protest in Honduras.



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