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Wendy Galarza was shot while protesting violence against women in Mexico. She almost lost her life speaking out for women’s rights. Take action now and demand justice. 

Wendy Galarza is a dedicated childcare worker who refuses to remain silent amidst alarming levels of abuse and killings of women in Mexico.

On November 9, 2020, Wendy attended a protest organised by feminist collectives to demand justice for the murder of 20-year-old woman. During the demonstration, Wendy was beaten by the police and shot twice. She was lucky to survive. 

It took months for the State Prosecutor to accept evidence, including clothing with bullet holes, that Wendy tried to submit to support the complaint she made against the police. Those responsible for the shooting have yet to be brought to justice, a green light for more police violence against women protestors in Mexico.

Wendy will not give up. She set up a collective with other women who were assaulted by police during the protest of November 9. “I will continue to raise my voice and defend the human rights of myself and my partners in struggle,” she says.

Instead of attacking them, authorities in Mexico should uphold the rights of Wendy and other feminists who courageously speak up for the safety of all women and girls. 

Take action now to demand justice for Wendy Galarza and an end to police attacks on women protesters.

Call on the authorities in Mexico to:

- guarantee a thorough, impartial, transparent investigation into the violations suffered by Wendy Galarza at the hands of the police and ensure that everyone responsible is brought to justice

Urge Mexico to end police violence against women protesters!

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