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End the repression
in Colombia

Scores killed, injured or disappeared in violent crackdown on protesters.

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Colombia must respect the right to peaceful protest  

Since April 28, thousands of people across Colombia have joined protests sparked by government legislation to increase taxes. Protesters also denounced foot dragging by the government of President Iván Duque to implement Colombia’s peace agreement, and stop the killings of human rights defenders and community leaders.

The government responded to the protests with militarization and repression. Amnesty International has received reports of arbitrary detentions, torture, sexual violence and disappearances.

We have also documented excessive use of force by security forces, including indiscriminate use of tear gas, rifles, semi-automatic weapons and live ammunition on protesters to disperse them, violating international human rights standards. Scores of people have been killed or seriously injured. Every day more people are being punished for speaking up in Colombia.

Take action now and demand that President Iván Duque ends the militarization and repression. 




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