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Call for justice for those who ordered and planned the murder of Berta 

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 #Justice For Berta! Call for the masterminds of her murder to be put on trial 

As long as the people who ordered, planned and paid for the murder of Berta Cáceres are allowed to escape justice, no human rights defender in Honduras is safe.

The renowned Indigenous rights and river defender was gunned down in her home on March 2, 2016. She had reported death threats which coincided with efforts to stop construction of a hydroelectric dam that Indigenous communities opposed because of its impacts on their rights and access to water.

After an enormous outcry inside and outside Honduras, 7 men were finally brought to trial and jailed for their involvement in the contract killing of Berta. It was an important half-step forward in a country of massive corruption and injustice.

Yet five years later, the people who masterminded the killing have yet to face justice, despite evidence and the findings of respected independent experts.

Berta’s family and her organization COPINH have appealed for us to raise our voices with them to demand justice for everyone behind the killing. Messages from Canada carry weight in Honduras.

Send a message for Justice for Berta and for the protection of all who risk their lives to continue Berta’s vital work for human rights and the environment!



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