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Khaled has been jailed simply for covering protests in Algeria. Write to the Algerian authorities to demand his freedom now.

Since February 22nd, 2019, mass demonstrations have taken place every Friday across Algeria calling for political reform. This movement, called the Hirak, succeeded in ousting president Abdelaziz Bouteflika and continued calling for “a complete change of the political system.”

The Hirak movement has created hope for positive change in Algeria but it took the courage and bravery of independent journalists like Khaled Drareni to make the stories of Hirak known to the outside world. Khaled played a critical role in analyzing, documenting, and livestreaming weekly mass protests on his widely followed social media.

For doing his job, Khaled was arrested on March 7th while covering a protest. He was later released, then again arrested on March 27th and has been locked up ever since. His arrest and imprisonment signal an escalation in the crackdown on freedoms in Algeria and are a major blow to Algerians’ hopes for reform. Khaled Drareni should not be in prison for covering a protest. It is crucial for the future of human rights in Algeria that he is set free.

On September 15th Khaled was sentenced, on appeal, to two years in prison for “incitement to unarmed gathering” and “harming the integrity of national territory”. We must now call for Khaled’s release.

Sign the petition and demand the release of Khaled Drareni now.

We know that if enough people take action in support of Khaled that we have a chance to set him free, every action counts.

Urge Algeria to release Khaled now!

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