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Jani Silva is an environmental defender who, despite threats to her life, continues to fight for the conservation of the Amazon ecosystem and for the rights of hundreds of subsistence farmers.

Jani Silva is helping you breathe. Yes, you. Despite attacks, she fights to protect the Amazon ecosystem. She knows its importance - the water, forests and wetlands there produce oxygen that allows the whole world to breathe.

“Let us not only think about our children, but also about the families of others; let us not only think about our own country, but also about other countries. Let's think about all those who need us.” Jani Silva

Colombia is the most dangerous place in the Americas to be an environmental defender. People like Jani, who defend the Colombia’s rich eco-system and those who live within it, are attacked, persecuted and killed every day. Jani faces threats from illegal groups, the military, drug traffickers and multinational companies. 

Despite this, she is up at 5.30am each day, working with hundreds of campesinos in her community on a range of crucial projects from reforestation to youth empowerment.

Take a deep breath.

To keep breathing, we must protect our planet. To protect our planet, we must protect people like Jani Silva.

Call on the President of Colombia to:

  • Ensure that Jani Silva and the colleagues she work with, have access to a collective protection plan

Call on the President of Colombia to protect Jani!

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