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The climate emergency threatens human rights for present and future generations

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be underestimated, but governments must stop using the pandemic as an excuse to put off taking action on climate change; doing so would mean failing children and future generations.

The climate crisis is a global problem but not everyone is equally affected by its impact. We must ensure that the rights of those who are most impacted by major climate-related disasters are not forgotten, including Indigenous peoples in Canada and around the world, women, particularly in the Global South, and people in countries in the Global South, the far North, and low-lying island states.

As a wealthy, industrialized country whose carbon emissions are among the highest in the world, Canada should be a leader in setting ambitious emissions reduction targets to prevent catastrophic climate change. At the same time we need to protect the rights of those most vulnerable to climate change impacts.

Join us in calling on the government of Canada to take action on the greatest human rights challenge of our time, which will impact the rights of millions to water, food, health and life itself.

 This is the moment to shape the future we want!




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