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Protect peaceful protesters
in Belarus

Stop police using brutal violence in the streets and in detention

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Due to the deteriorating security situation in Belarus, full names will not be handed over to the Belarusian authorities to ensure they have no means to identify signatories.

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Protect peaceful protesters in Belarus

The world is shocked by images and reports exposing police using brutal violence against peaceful protesters in Belarus, in the streets and in detention. Sign the petition demanding that the police violence ends now, and those responsible are held to account.

Hundreds of thousands of Belarusian people have taken to the streets across the country to protest electoral violations, police brutality and severe reprisals against peaceful dissent; demanding truth, justice and accountability for the perpetrators.

The protests are being met with brutal and indiscriminate force by police. Social media reports document the ruthless dispersal of peaceful gatherings, arbitrary arrests and the use of stun grenades and water cannons. Amnesty delegates found tear gas canisters and rubber bullets fired by police on sites where people have been demonstrating.

Protesters and journalists have been beaten and injured, some hospitalised, and there have been at least two confirmed deaths among the protesters. Thousands of people have been detained. Those who have been released from detention tell harrowing stories of widespread and brutal torture and other ill-treatment of detainees.

>> Sign this petition and call for the protection of the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly in Belarus. 

We call on the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus to:

  • Immediately end the violent police crackdown against peaceful protesters and journalists;
  • Ensure that the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and expression of the Belarusian people are fully respected;
  • Ensure that all law enforcement officials interacting with the public are individually identifiable through name or personal number tags and take all other necessary steps to ensure the full accountability of members of law enforcement agencies and their commanding officers for all their actions.



VIDEO: Hundreds of Women Detained by Police During Peaceful Protest 



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