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Hours after Colombians were ordered to stay at home to stop the spread of COVID-19, armed men arrived at the home of Carlota Isabel Salinas Péres, a long time member of the women’s rights Organización Femenina Popular.

Carlota was taken outside and shot dead.

Photo of Carlota:

At least 79 other human rights defenders have been killed amid quarantine measures in Colombia. Among those silenced with bullets is Marco Rivadeneira, a defender of campesino farming communities in Putumayo and member of a National Round Table, seeking guarantees to protect human rights.

Before the pandemic, Colombia was already one of the world’s most deadly countries to speak up for rights and challenge the powerful. Now the situation is even more dangerous. Threatened defenders are no longer able to move from one location to another in search of safety. Attackers know where to find their targets. As well, some protective measures previously offered by the National Protection Unit have been reduced amidst the pandemic.  

With your help, we can defend the defenders who are needed now more than ever.

Send a message to Colombia's Minister of Interior to call for action. Your message will be copied to Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister as Canada has a special interest in the safety of human rights defenders and a close relationship with Colombia.


Call on Colombia to ensure protection for human rights defenders



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