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Greece: Grant Healthcare to Asylum-seekers

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Health is a human right.

Call on Greek authorities to take immediate action to ensure access to healthcare and medicines for asylum-seekers, unaccompanied children and children of migrants.

Greek law grants free access to medical and pharmaceutical services to members of “vulnerable social groups”, including refugees, asylum-seekers and minors irrespective of their legal status.

However, since July 2019 asylum-seekers and children of irregular migrants have been prevented from accessing the public health system in Greece. This means thousands of asylum-seekers are without the care and medicines they need to tackle serious and often chronic diseases.

A law introduced in November was meant to regulate the issue but implementing measures are still lacking, putting the lives and health of thousands of children and adults at risk.

This is a serious breach of the right to health, which Greece is bound to respect under national, international and European law.

Doctors, civil society, UNCHR and the Greek Ombudsperson have called on Greek authorities to address the situation on several occasions, with no effective response.

With your help we can change this.

Write now to the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs to demand access to healthcare for asylum-seekers and migrant children.

Take action to protect asylum-seekers!

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