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Marinel Ubaldo’s life was turned upside down when a super typhoon ravaged her home in the Philippines. She’s now campaigning for her community to be safely rehomed and for her government – and governments across the world – to start facing up to the true impacts of climate change.

In 2013, typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, killing over 6,000 people. Marinel, who was 16 at the time, survived. Now 22, and a well-known youth activist, Marinel has spent years tirelessly campaigning for environmental rights and is demanding justice for her community. 

Six years later, Marinel and thousands of others haven’t been properly rehomed in a safe residential area with proper access to food, water, electricity, toilets, or sources of income. Some of the residents were relocated next to a toxic landfill, where 11 people died of fever and diseases. 

Millions of people are suffering from the catastrophic effects of climate change, and those who have contributed least are paying the most. As Marinel says:

“Some countries that have historically contributed most to climate change are still not fully feeling its effects. It’s important that they hear our stories, so they realize that it is affecting real people today.”

Stand with Marinel, and demand that:         

  • The Philippine government provide access to water, electricity, safe and adequate housing, and livelihood opportunities to those severely impacted by typhoon Haiyan in 2013

  • Other governments, especially of wealthier countries that have contributed the most to climate change, support countries who are and will be suffering the most from the devastating impacts of climate change.

Demand support for climate change survivors!

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