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Police are violently cracking down on peaceful protesters.

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Urge the government to end the police crackdown and fully investigate excessive use of force


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The people of Hong Kong have bravely resisted a proposed extradition bill, and faced a violent crackdown from their own police. Support the campaign to protect their rights.

Since June 9th, there have been ongoing protests in Hong Kong, some attracting over one million people. The authorities have responded by cracking down on protests with excessive police violence. 

Police have used tear gas and pepper spray, and in some instances, guns firing bean bags and rubber bullets. Many people have been seriously injured. Amnesty International's research has shown that police violence violated international human rights law and standards.

On September 4th the Hong Kong government withdrew the extradition bill, but the crackdown must also be ended and a full investigation must be held into the excessive use of force by police.

Send an email to Chief Executive Carrie Lam to give your support to the people in Hong Kong now.

Demand that the right to freedom of peaceful assembly be fully respected and that an independent, impartial, effective, and prompt investigation be launched into the use of force by Hong Kong police against protesters.

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