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Egypt: Release Yasser Albaz

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Yasser Albaz, a Canadian citizen, has been detained in Egypt's Tora prison.

In February 2019 Yasser was returning to his family in Canada when his Canadian passport was confiscated and he was detained by the state authorites in Egypt. Now, he remains detained in an Egyptian prison notorious for its human rights violations while his children and grandchildren in Canada grow more concerned. 

According to his lawyer, the allegations against Yasser are unclear and unfounded. We believe his detention to be arbitrary based on the information received from his family and lawyer. Amnesty International calls on the Egyptian authorities to immediately release Yasser Albaz and the many other Egyptians who are detained without charge. We urge Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Chrystia Freeland to intervene on his behalf. 


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His daughter, Amal, says, "It's been [several months]. How much longer will my family be torn apart? My dad spent his birthday, Ramadan, and Eid alone in prison, thousands of miles away from us. When will this nightmare end? When will the Canadian government make this a priority?" Yasser should be with his family in Canada, not sleeping on a cold, concrete floor.

Please send your letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Chrystia Freeland requesting their urgent intervention. 

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