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Canada: Protect Earth Defenders

Defenders in Latin America face increasing lethal attacks. 

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Call on Canada to protect Earth Defenders in Latin America


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Across Latin America, people who seek to protect land, water and forests face an unprecedented increase in attacks and killings. It’s the most dangerous region in the world to defend environmental human rights.

The aim is to paralyze peaceful struggles of entire communities exercising their right to speak out about irresponsible logging, mining and dam projects that threaten the environment on which they depend.

It is vital that Canada puts in place effective safeguards to ensure the trade and investment our government promotes in Latin America does not lead to conflict and violence against earth defenders.  

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The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders has called on the international community to protect environmental human rights defenders by addressing root causes of the violence, including: 

- resource exploitation that fails to address the legitimate concerns and demands of local communities   

- failure by companies to respect the rights of earth defenders to express dissent and oppose their activities 

- failure by States to communicate clearly the human rights obligations of business enterprises and sanction companies associated with threats to defenders 



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