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Prominent Brazilian women human rights defender Marielle Franco and her driver were murdered

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Call on Brazilian authorities to conduct a thorough investigation and prosecute those responsible.


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Brazil must hold those responsible for the death of women human rights defender Marielle Franco and her driver Anderson Pedro Gomes to account

On the evening of March 14, 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 38-year-old women human rights defender Marielle Franco was shot to death in her vehicle. Her driver, 39-year-old Anderson Pedro Gomes, was also killed. According to media reports, experts have identified that the bullets used in the crime belong to the Brazilian Federal Police.

Marielle was a prominent women human rights defender in Rio de Janeiro, and was elected to Rio de Janeiro city council in 2016. She was well known for denouncing human rights violations, mainly against young people, women, black people, and LGBTI people. She also worked to expose human rights violations committed by the security forces, including extrajudicial executions.

Threats and attacks against human rights defenders in brazil are pervasive

The response from Brazilian authorities to their murders has been inadequate. Those responsible for murdering Marielle and Anderson must be brought to justice.



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