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Release Atena Daemi

Atena has been wrongly convicted, and badly abused in prison for her work on women's rights.

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Call on Iran to release Atena Daemi immediately


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Facing 7 years in prison for standing up for women’s rights and against the death penalty

Atena Daemi has been wrongly convicted and badly abused while in prison for her work opposing the death penalty and supporting women’s rights

Atena Daemi is a dedicated defender outspoken advocate who opposes the use of the death penalty and defends the rights of women in Iran. She has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for her peaceful human rights activities. Peacefully advocating for justice and equality is not a crime.

Atena has been kept in horrific conditions; in a jail which is overcrowded and unhygienic. She has been denied access to urgent medical assistance. She has been sexually assaulted by prison guards and has undergone a number of hunger strikes to protest the conditions of her detention. Women human rights defenders are at particular risk of persecution because they defy traditional gender norms by publicly advocating for human rights.

Advocating for human rights is not a crime

Atena peacefully advocated for human rights in Iran knowing it put her at grave risk. She has faced unfounded accusations, threats, verbal and physical assaults for her insistence in standing up for justice and equality.

Atena has risked everything to build a more just and equal society. Amnesty International considers Atena to be a prisoner of conscience, and is calling for her immediately and unconditionally release.

I will never back down from my positions. I will never apologize for the crime I have not committed.
– Atena Daemi



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