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Tell Canada to ensure justice for Abousfian Abdelrazik, a Canadian citizen detained and tortured in Sudan.

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Csis officials obstructed efforts to secure his release

In September 2003, Canadian citizen Abousfian Abdelrazik was arrested in Sudan, while he was back in the country visiting his ailing mother. Over the next three years he was imprisoned for nearly 20 months and was held under house arrest for 12 months. He was denied a lawyer, and was never charged or brought before a judge. There were lengthy periods when he had no family or consular visits. During that time he was badly tortured in three different prisons.

The record makes it clear that there is extensive Canadian responsibility, particularly on the part of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) – for these grave human rights violations. Not only did Canada fail to take steps to protect him; CSIS officials frequently obstructed efforts to secure his release. Those actions prolonged his detention, with no concern for the obvious risk of mistreatment he was facing.

Imprisoned and tortured without being charged or brought before a judge

The Canadian government has refused to apologize or provide compensation to Abousfian Abdelrazik, in the nine years since his return to Canada. Earlier this year mediation was set to begin, and there was reason to hope that a fair settlement would be reached. But the government inexplicably pulled out of the mediation the day before it was to begin. Instead, Mr. Abdelrazik now faces the prospect of a lengthy trial, set to begin in mid-September, in order to receive the compensation and apology that is his basic right.

Amnesty International has written to Prime Minister Trudeau, urging him to take steps to bring these fifteen years of injustice to an end and ensure that Abousfian Abdelrazik receives appropriate compensation and an official apology for Canada’s role in the human rights violations and injustice that he has endured.



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