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95,000+ Disappeared In Mexico

Their families are tormented by the endless agony of not knowing: Dónde están? Where are they?

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Call on Mexico’s President to search for the missing and put an end to disappearances


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Call on Mexico’s President to act on promises to stop the crisis of disappearances

The world was shocked when 43 teacher-training students were taken away by police in 2014 and never seen again. Sadly, their disappearance is no isolated case.

More than 95,000 people are now reported disappeared in Mexico. It’s a staggering number that only continues to climb.

It's time to stop the open wound of disappearances in Mexico

The families of the disappeared joined together in self-help groups and formed a national movement to demand action. Their tireless efforts achieved commitments by the government to create a National Search System and special investigators to bring perpetrators of disappearances to justice. But promises are not enough. The authorities must act on them and stop this crisis!

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