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Twitter: Stop Abuse Against Women

It’s time to tell Twitter to end online violence and abuse against women now

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Don’T Let #Toxictwitter Silence Women

Every day, women, transgender and non-binary individuals face violent threats, sexism, racism and more on Twitter. This abuse is flooding Twitter, forcing women out of public conversations - and at times, driving them off the platform. The abuse can be more intense for women of colour, women with disabilities; lesbian, bisexual, trans women, and non-binary people.

Twitter recently said “we stand with women around the world to make their voices heard and their presence known”. But women aren’t buying it. Twitter isn’t putting their own rules on abuse and hateful conduct into practice, or showing us how they deal with abuse when it’s reported.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Can’t Allow This Continue Under His Watch

With your help, we can all make sure Twitter becomes a safe space for movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, and not a place where women, transgender and non-binary individuals are silenced out of fear of violence and abuse.

CEO and Co-Founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey is the person who can make sure Twitter takes online abuse seriously. Send him an email now and hold him to his word.

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Call on Jack Dorsey to make sure Twitter takes online abuse seriously


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