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Call on the government to consider risks to Indigenous women and girls in resource development decision-making.

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Rights Of Indigenous Women & Girls Ignored In Resource Development Decisions

“When it comes to Indigenous peoples and Indigenous women in this territory it’s kind of out of sight, out of mind.” – Helen Knott, Prophet River First Nation

Increased crime. Food and housing priced out of reach for low income families. Increased drug and alcohol abuse. Increased sexual exploitation of women. Erosion of Indigenous cultures and traditions.

Decades of studies have linked these side effects of large-scale resource development projects—like dams, mines, and oil and gas installations—to social strains in nearby communities. These side effects are also known factors that increase the risk of violence against women and girls. And these same factors can also reduce access to the services and supports needed to help women escape violence.

Why? An influx of mostly male, high-wage workers drives up the cost of living. Those who cannot afford the cost of living are further marginalized. Stressful working conditions can strain interpersonal relationships.

Large-Scale Projects Can Cause Serious Harm To The Lives And Safety Of Indigenous Women And Girls

Amnesty International’s research has shown that Indigenous women and girls are more likely to be negatively impacted by large-scale industrial projects than other groups of people. And yet, governments make decisions every day to promote and approve such projects without ever considering their harmful and unintended impacts.

The already high levels of violence faced by Indigenous women and girls in communities across Canada means that particular care must be paid in any decision that could add to the dangers they face.

Decisions about when and how resource development should take place on Indigenous lands are some of the most important decisions made by governments.

Join Indigenous women and girls in northeast BC in urging the government of Canada to support community-led impact assessments to ensure that large-scale industrial projects only proceed if the impacts on women and girls are studied—and steps are taken to mitigate any harmful impacts.

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Urge Canada to support the inclusion of Indigenous women and girls in the resource development decision-making process


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