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Microsoft: Child Labour in your Devices?

Tell Microsoft to investigate their cobalt supply chain and prove they are addressing human rights abuses.

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Tell Microsoft to thoroughly investigate and address the human rights abuses behind their devices.

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Stop Human Rights Abuses In Cobalt Mining

In today’s world, our lives rely ever more on rechargeable batteries. These batteries power our mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, cameras and other portable electronic devices. But do you know where the raw materials come from that go into rechargeable batteries and how those raw materials are extracted?

Cobalt is a key component in the lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that power these portable electronic devices. Half of the world’s cobalt comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Children as young as seven are working long hours in hazardous conditions.

Last year Amnesty International’s investigation revealed how cobalt mined by children as young as seven and adults in hazardous conditions in the artisanal mining sector of the Democratic Republic of the Congo enters the supply chain of many of the world’s leading electronic brands.

Last year Amnesty supporters around the world sent letters to global electronics companies urging them to address human rights abuses in their supply chain. Some companies, such as Apple, heard our recommendations and are now taking concrete steps to investigate their cobalt supply chain. But other electronics giants have not – including Microsoft.

It is time Microsoft took some responsibility for the mining of materials that go into the company’s lucrative products.



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