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USA: Seeking protection at the border is not a crime

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Call on the USA to restore the right
to seek protection at the border.


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People at the border need protection, not more violence

Migrate or die. Thousands of people from Central America, including families, have been forced to leave what they know and love to find safety for their children. They’ve walked for weeks, moving through Mexico and up towards the United States. Some are trying to escape violence and threats. Others are looking to escape grinding poverty and extreme insecurity. All are desperate and have little choice. Now they need our help.

The people on the move are mothers, fathers, and children. They are human beings. Like all of us, they have the right to live in security and to seek protection.  

President Trump and his administration are deliberately undermining those rights for people seeking protection at the US-Mexico border.  Since the Central American caravans have reached the border, President Trump has: 

- Deployed thousands of troops to the border, militarizing the area. 

- Encouraged US troops and border enforcement to use lethal force against migrants who approach the border. 

- Signed a Presidential Proclamation to restrict the right to claim asylum in violation of US and international law.

- Unfairly labeled the migrants criminals and terrorists.

Call on the United States to restore the right to seek protection at the border. ​

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