Volunteer with Amnesty International Canada!

Across Canada, Amnesty supporters in various volunteer positions use their skills and experience to promote human rights. The rewards of spending your time and energy on this work are immensely satisfying. Amnesty Canada provides training and support for all volunteer roles.

Here are the current options for volunteering, from letter writing and helping at public events to starting a new Amnesty group or taking on a volunteer leadership role. Think about where you’d like to begin and make your selection at the bottom of this page. You can always explore other roles as you become more familiar with our campaigns and actions and who else is involved with Amnesty in your community. Please note that during the pandemic our response time may be longer than usual.

Great places to start:

Letter writing / Urgent Action Network
It’s based on a very simple idea: when someone is in immediate danger of serious human rights abuse, those responsible receive thousands of letters and e-mail messages from all over the world demanding it to stop. This shows the authorities that the world is watching and has the potential to protect that person from further abuse. 
Join the Youth & Student program
Student activists have always been at the frontlines of human rights movements. From standing in front of tanks in Tiananmen Square to petitioning governments to abolish the death penalty, students are there. There is no better way to become involved in human rights and global issues than to join the National Youth & Student Program. With more than 500 groups across the country, it is one of the largest youth activist programs in Canada.

Join or start a community group
Our community groups are part of what makes Amnesty an effective grassroots organization. They help to ensure that Canada is a country that speaks out for the human rights of everyone. There are more than 75 community groups and specialized teams across Canada, always looking for new members to help with letter writing, planning events, and public speaking.
Join our Lobby Team:

Gender Rights Specialized Team
This team brings together Amnesty International volunteer activists from across Canada to advance gender rights in Canada and around the world. The team members meet virtually to learn, discuss, share, strategize, collaborate, and take action in support of gender rights! This group organized by and for Amnesty International supporters, is a space to connect with like minded individuals and collectively take action.

Immigration Detention Specialized Team
The team brings together activists from across the country to learn, share, strategize and take action to get Canada on the path to abolish immigration detention.

Some experience required: 
Become a Fieldworker
Fieldworkers are trained Amnesty volunteers who work across Canada to promote human rights activism at the grassroots level. Fieldworkers help and support individuals and Amnesty groups to carry out their human rights work. These positions require six months experience with Amnesty and involve an application process, a commitment to stay active for at least two years, and a training program.


Tell us who you are and what you want to do!