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Urge South Africa to investigate the harassment and killings of activists!

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Thapelo Mohapi, a leader of grassroots movement Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM), is living in hiding due to threats to his life, simply because he’s fighting for a better future for people in South Africa. Demand the police investigate the harassment, threats and killings of AbM members.

Thapelo loves listening to jazz and supporting his favourite football teams but right now he can’t enjoy these things. In 2021 he was forced to go into hiding because his life was threatened.

As Secretary General of Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM), a dynamic and courageous grassroots movement, Thapelo dedicates his life to fight for the rights of people throughout South Africa, particularly in areas suffering poverty and inequality.

One such place is eKhenana, where most residents are economic migrants from rural South Africa who moved there in search of a better life. They cannot afford the high costs of living in the area and often end up making homes from tin, with little to no access to water or sanitation. They also face police brutality, forced evictions and poor public services.

Determined to improve lives in the community, AbM members in eKhenana have spoken out against cases of local government corruption and worked hard to improve life in their community by starting a political school, farm, communal kitchen and shop. In return, they have encountered not only resistance, but also threats, harassment and intimidation. They are victims of attempted and actual murders, violence, harassment, and damage to their homes. In 2022 alone, three AbM members were killed in eKhenana.  

Sign the petition and demand the police thoroughly and effectively investigate the harassment and killings of AbM members.  

Demand an investigation into the harassment and killings of AbM members!

Read the petition letter below

To: Minister of Police, South Africa 

Dear Minister:

I demand a thorough, impartial, independent, transparent and effective investigation into the killing and harassment of members of the Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM) movement, including Thapelo Mohapi. 

You must ensure that suspected perpetrators are brought to justice in fair trials and work to end the attacks against AbM members and their families.

Twenty-five AbM members have been killed since 2009 and countless other members have been attacked and their properties destroyed. This has included attempted murders, threats of violence, targeted harassment, assault, damage to property, unlawful and forced evictions and trumped-up legal charges. This injustice must end.

Yours sincerely, 

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