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Urge Russia to free Aleksandra Skochilenko!

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Aleksandra Skochilenko shared information about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Now she is detained in a Russian jail, held in terrible conditions, and facing up to a decade in prison. Take action now and demand her release.

Aleksandra fills her life with music and art. She loves playing the piano, guitar, mandolin and flute, and hosting jams for anyone who wants to play music together. 

Troubled by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, she decided to do something. On 31 March 2022 she replaced price tags in a local supermarket in Saint Petersburg with little paper labels containing information about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

In the early morning of 11 April 2022, police arrested Aleksandra and charged her with “public dissemination of knowingly false information about the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”: a new Article of the Criminal Code hastily introduced by the Russian government in March 2022 to try and stop Russian people criticizing the invasion of Ukraine. Dozens of people have already been detained under this new “offence”. 

Aleksandra has been held in detention ever since, harassed by staff and cellmates alike. She has coeliac disease and cannot eat any gluten, or she will be extremely ill. Since the detention centre does not provide her with food she can safely eat, she is forced to go hungry much of the time. If convicted, Aleksandra faces up to 10 years in prison.

Sign the petition and call for:   

  • The immediate and unconditional release of Aleksandra Skochilenko. 

  • Drop all charges aganst her. 

Call on Russia to free Aleksandra Skochilenko!

Read the petition letter below

To: Prosecutor of Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Dear Prosecutor:

I call on you to ensure the release of Aleksandra Skochilenko, who is being detained for criticizing Russia’s war against Ukraine. Everyone has a right to freely express their opinions, including Aleksandra. All charges against her must be dropped and she should immediately and unconditionally be released from prison.

I also call on you to ensure that, pending her release, Aleksandra is held in conditions that comply with international standards, and she has access to adequate healthcare as well as the food she needs in relation to her medical condition. Aleksandra must also be protected from harassment by detention centre employees and her cellmates.

Yours sincerely, 

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